“Comfort measures” are the things we do to make a patient feel better. There is no cure or treatment for everything, but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done to help. You don’t have to be a patient to know that we all need strategies for feeling good! I find comfort and catharsis in writing, movies, exercise, music and meaningful connections with people and animals. How about you? All ages are welcome here!

Connection: Friendship, Dating & Global Thinking

We Are Rockstars & Superheroes

July 25, 2015. Overlooking the Prouty Garden at Children’s Hospital there was a gathering of greatness in the spirit of fun, openness and a willingness to share our superpower secrets. Our first Comfortable In Our Skin workshop: Rockstars & Superheroes. And after a year internal conflict about conflict of interest vs commitment (long story) and… Read More

Resilience: Giving your demons the Big Boot

Resilience through Community Involvement

Volunteering and advocating for a cause you believe in is a great way to make you a more resilient person. Have you found something that you love doing that also helps make your community a better place? Feel free to share on the Community page! Don’t worry if you haven’t! If you want to be… Read More

Hello, World!

I’m so excited that this website and blog are finally a reality! The initial feedback I’m getting is very positive, and I’m so proud and honored to have recruited some amazing, enthusiastic people to the CIOS mission. Can we count you in? You may be wondering, what’s this “Be Who You Are” stuff? How can… Read More